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Welcome to the Watlington Environment Group Website

Watlington Environment group started in February 1999 as a voluntary association with the aims of:

  •             Raising awareness of natural history and environmental issues within the area;
  •              Surveying, recording and monitoring local flora and fauna - **see Watercourses page for 2018 Amphibian Survey**      
  •       Conserving and enhancing the natural environment and encouraging biodiversity;
  •             Contributing as appropriate to parish, district, county, and national activities. 
We have a full and varied programme to further these aims with activities throughout the year.  These activities typically include:
  • Meetings, with speakers on diverse environmental and natural history subjects, providing a forum for education and discussion;

  • Visits to nature reserves, local farms and other sites of interest;

  • Walks in the area highlighting features of the local environment and landscape as well as the flora and fauna;

  • Training members in practical conservation and survey work;

  • Practical conservation and survey work in the parish including management of the Watlington Chalk Pits Local Nature Reserve;

  • Offering informal advice on wildlife matters;

  • Publicising or activities and informing our members through regular newsletters and this website.

Membership of the group is open to all, and costs £7.50 per year for an adult, £14.00 for a couple, and £2.50 for a child, for which you get a monthly newsletter, plus free admission to all our events. To join, come along to one of our meetings, look out for a membership leaflet at local venues, or contact us via this website. Many of our activities are also open to non-members.