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Programme for 2018

Most of our meetings are open to all and free to members.  Some meetings may require booking and visitors will normally be asked for a contribution.

Next Meeting:

Friday 23rd February, 8pm, Watlington Town Hall 'Earthworms - the world's most important organisms?', a talk by Dan Carpenter

The familiarity of the 'humble' earthworm, a creature that even the youngest schoolchild can probably draw, conceals a fascinating and sometimes bizarre biology. And only now is their irreplaceable contribution to soil health, and the part they play in long-term geological processes, coming to be realised.

In this talk, Dan Carpenter, former Training Officer with The Earthworm Society of Britain (and now Projects Officer at Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre) will provide insights into the biology of the 25+ species of native earthworm in the UK, and discuss the threat posed by a few recent undesirable alien arrivals. He will also reveal how healthy ecosystems depend on having a thriving population of earthworms, and how land management practices can facilitate or hamper this.

Dan is a graduate of the Universities of East London and Reading, and his presentation style brings together genuine enthusiasm with ecological knowledge and experience.

Adults £2.50, children £1, free to WEG members. Join for the whole of 2018 for just £7.50.

2018 programme





Friday 26th January - 8pmWatlington Town Hall Annual General Meeting, including a talk about the Earth Trust

Jenny Creese

Friday 23rd February 8pm
Watlington Town HallEarthworms: the world's most important organisms?

Dan Carpenter

Saturday 31st March - time tbctbcShort local walk to see spring flowers


Friday 27th April - 8pmWatlington Town Hall
Creating clean water ponds for freshwater wildlife

Pascale Nicolet

Friday 25th May - 6.30pm
RSPB Otmoor

RSPB guide

Saturday 30th June - 2pmBBOWT Yoesden reserve

BBOWT guide

Friday 27th July - time tbc

Aston Rowant Nature Reserve

Glowworm walk

 Robin Scagell

Friday 31st August - 8pm

Watlington Town Hall

Introduction to the Chiltern Hillforts Project

Project Officer

Friday 28th or Saturday 29th September


Friday 26 or Saturday 27th October


Friday 30th November - 8pm


Watlington Town Hall


Biodiversity in new and existing development


Mike Pollard




No meeting